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Video: Umphrey's McGee with David Murphy "Comfortably Numb" 7.4.11 Boulder Theater ~ Boulder, CO



Tom Marshall on the origins of "Steam"

Randy Ray: What were the origins of the “Steam” songwriting process?

Tom Marshall: Just before the tour started, I sent an e-mail to Trey with the lyrics. He and I had been talking a lot more, and talking about getting together in his house in New York, and we never really actually did it. But, in preparation, I’ve been getting some material together. One of them was this really long story/poem, and I thought I’d just send it to him to see if it rang any bells. Ordinarily, that would be too long, and it is sort of in a different style. It could be something that he would look at, and normally say, “Wow, this is cool, but not a song.” I was a little surprised that he just loved it right away, and it fit into this idea that he had where he needed another “Sand”-type groove—a slow, sexy groove song. Sure enough, I guess he had been working on one of those, and he just pieced the lyrics on to it and it worked without my having heard it—the music at all—or even being part of the melding of the music to the lyrics. One of the things I will say about that song is that’s our first iPad/garage band collaboration because he was writing it on the iPad, and he sent it to me, I listened to it on my iPad, so it’s cool. (laughs)
Interview by Randy Ray, published on Jambands dot com: Part I, Part II


Video: Phish "Simple jam" 7.3.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY

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