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Setlist & Media: Phish 8.6.11 The Gorge ~ George, WA

photo via Phish Facebook  8.5.11 [Dave Vann]

Set One: Possum, The Moma Dance > Sample In A Jar > Limb By Limb, Ocelot, Poor Heart, On Your Way Down, Wolfman's Brother^ > Maze > Fluffhead

Set Two: Chalkdust Torture > Tweezer > Prince Caspian > Sand -> Tweezer > Birds of a Feather, Waste   -> Golden Age > Reba > Antelope^^

Encore: Suzy Greenberg > Sanity > Tweezer Reprise

^Heartbreaker teases. [Led Zeppelin]
^^contained elements of Reba Whistling & Tweezer, Sand, Nellie Kane, and Golden Age teases.

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Live Phish
DAUD: FOB Neumann AK40's

On Your Way Down
Wolfman's Brother

Previous show: 8.5.11 The Gorge ~ George, WA


Video: Phish "Sand" 8.6.11 The Gorge Amphitheater ~ George, WA



Video: Phish "On Your Way Down" 8.6.11 The Gorge Amphitheater ~ George, WA



Video: Phish "Wolfman's Brother" 8.6.11 The Gorge Amphitheater ~ George, WA



Song Ratings: Phish 8.6.11 The Gorge

Photo via Phish Facebook[Dave Vann]
photo via Phish Facebook (Dave Vann)

Set One

Possum 5/10: standard solid.

The Moma Dance 6.3/10: scorching solo from Trey

> Sample In A Jar 5.5/10: more electrifying work from Trey, the norm.

> Limb 5.8/10: jam gets slightly atypical.

Ocelot 5/10: standard solid. Patient.

Poor Heart 5/10: standard, phishgrass.

On Your Way Down 6.6/10: Trey tears apart with creative peaking solo.

Wolfman's 7.1/10: Grodeax led jam > Heartbreaker(Zep) teases > fiery peak > plinko funk section.

> Maze 6.7/10: tickling transition. Jam heats up with righteous Hammond work from Page.

> Wilson: 5/10: Standard/solid.

> Fluffhead 6/10: standard and excellently solid.

Set Two

Chalkdust 6/10: love this as a set two opener, rather standard however.

> Tweezer 6.5/10: nice little type I groove, move into ambience pretty quickly.

> Caspian 4.5/10: Caspian's are all about set placement. 1/2 point loss.

> Sand 5.8/10: standard groove-esque jam works into solid ferocious peak.

-> Tweezer 7/10: unexpected transition back into Tweezer, well played but short, quick fadeout into

> Birds 5/10: Standard/solid

Waste 5/10: ballad slot.

> Golden Age 6/10: tastey transition/build out of Waste. No jam but quality ambience into

> Reba 6.5/10: +1 for late set2 placement, no major flubbage throughout composed/chase section. Drops
into jam on a buffalo nickel, pure patience and glory. All four adding equal amounts of creativity to the soup, with botched whistling section. Practice?

> Antelope 6.9/10: very fun intro, contains elements of Reba whistling, Tweezer, Golden Age, and Sand. Blistering fret work from Big Red. Pretty standard outside of initial teases.


Suzy 5/10: standard/solid

Sanity 6/10: nice work on selection, most of the world assumed Tweeprise would follow Suzy.

Tweeprise 5/10: standard/solid

Set One: 5.8/10
Set Two: 5.9/10
Complete Show: 5.8/10

Rating disclaimer: All songs start at a 5, and move up or down accordingly. A 5 in no way is bad, just standard excellence. Individual set ratings are based off the set average.

Song Ratings: Phish 8.5.11 The Gorge

photo via Phish Facebook (Dave Vann)
Set One

Kill Devil Falls 5/10: standard/solid Joy opener, Trey lays down some heat in jam.

> The Wedge 6/10: The perfect Gorge song (opener), nice work from Page throughout intro.

Bathtub Gin 6.9/10: jam begins with patient dual-lead from Trey/Mike, transforming into bouncy/airy jam.
Stays within type I, but defiantly interesting.

Nellie Kane 6/10: Yes. So glad to see bluegrass making a little bit of a revial this year.

> My Friend My Friend 5.7/10: not so much a transition(>), but a stumble. solid/standard version.

Cavern 6/10: love the mid-set placement, bolt of energy

> Taste 5.5/10: standard, with nice lil jam. A hair outside the box...

> Roggae 8.5/10: gorgeous transcendent outré jam, matched perfectly with sunset. See official video.

> Walk Away 6/10: Blistering solo

Funky Bitch 5/10: standard, solid fare.

Roses 5.7/10: always a pleasure to hear, standard version.

> Bowie 5.2/10: a slight hair above standard, pretty solid.

Set Two

Number Line 5/10: um, yeah.

> Rock & Roll 8.3/10: jam takes off with blistering fury > durty Trey tone around 7:30, jam grows spacey and transcendent > storage jam elements rise around 11:35, shifts to the dark-side, power chording > 13:45 things getting space-funked, page adding mystical layering via the theremin > 14:45 Gordon chanting, elements of "It's alright," > 16:20 heavy psychedelia, some elememts of Pink Floyd. Jam is pure glory, placed on mantle with Clarkston Disease.

-> Meatstick 7.3/10: hypnotic transition. Elements of Fire on the Mountain in the short jam could be argued...

-> Boogie On 6.7/10: Mike shines, Bob Barker dance-party (plinko).

> Farmhouse 5.8/10: soulful soloing from T$, tasteful.

> Show of Life 5/10: pfft.

> Julius 5/10: standard.

> Zero 5/10: standard.


Loving Cup 5/10: odds of a loving cup encore when venue has onsite camping is like 100%, yawn.

Set One: 5.9/10
Set Two: 6/10
Complete Show: 5.9/10

Rating disclaimer: All songs start at a 5, and move up or down accordingly. A 5 in no way is bad, just standard excellence. Individual set ratings are based off the set average.


Official Video: Phish "Roggae" 8.5.11 The Gorge ~ George, WA

The Live Phish official video series returns with "Roggae," from Phish's tour opening show at The Gorge. Download official audio of the entire show Live Phish.


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