Friday, October 28, 2011

Setlist and Other Stuff: Umphrey's McGee 10.28.11 The Tabernacle ~ Atlanta, GA


Set One: Nipple Trix, Ocean Billy > Jimmy Stewart -> 2nd Self, Hurt Bird Bath, Susanah@, Patience@^, Miss Tinkles Overture

Set Two: 1348 > Ocean Billy, Wappy Sprayberry > Fussy Dutchman, Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution > Pay The Snucka > Eruption > Pay The Snucka Pt. 3, Much Obliged* -> Who Knows -> 1348

Encore: Prowler> No Woman No Cry/ Let It Be( Woman Let it Be)

@ Jake and Brendan acoustic
^ debut, Guns N Roses
* Voodoo Child Teases, 3rd Stone Teases

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Hidden Track: Hauntlanta Night One

UM Live
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Setlist & Other Stuff: Umphrey's McGee 10.27.11 Alabama Theater ~ Tuscaloosa, AL

photo via @jeffersonwaful

Set One: Preamble > Mantis > Phil's Farm, Wellwishers > Spires, Example 1, In Bloom, Morning Song, Domino Theory

Set Two: Bridgeless > In the Kitchen, Rosanna, Mail Package, The Bottom Half > The Triple Wide^ -> Mantis

Encore: Turn & Run > Bridgeless

^Dreams jam; Rhiannon teases; Stairway to Heaven teases

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