Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo Gallery: Umphrey's McGee 11.4.11 Kalamazoo State Theater ~ Kalamazoo, MI

Umphrey's McGee's "Death By Stereo" Tour closed out this past weekend in the Midwest with shows in Michigan and Wisconsin. On Friday, UM returned to Ryan Stasik's hometown of Kalamazoo, MI for a sold-out show at the Kalamazoo's State Theater. Head to UMlive to download(for a $1.29) the must-hear first set Crooked One, featuring a gorgeous build with atypical melodic playing from Jaco. OKP Contributor/Photographer, Abby Fox, was on hand to lend her talents and we're pleased to be able to share her view through the lens with you. All photos are property of Abby Fox Photography

[Jeff Waful +2000]

[Friday Night]

[Stage Glow]

[Midwest Energy]

[Faces Melted]

[Old Man Hands (Joel C.)]

[In Rock We Trust]

[Smoke Free, not Fog Free]


[May Cause Face Meltage]

[Uncle Brendan]

[Waful's Canvas]


[The Balcony]

[The View]

[We'll be back in just a little bit...]

[Waful Glow]



[Looking In]

[Heart of the Midwest]



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