Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up with Tela [2.13.12]


It's been a bit of a bumpy start to 2012 for Tela here at Oh Kee Pah. Bumpy in a good way, no doubt, but my move down to southern PA and starting my new job with All Good Presents has made keeping to my weekly routine fairly difficult, so readers- my deepest apologies. I hope you have found ways to get your news bites, though wildly less entertaining I'm sure.

I have to start this wrap up with news about Trey's symphony orchestra tour. Since his first kick in the early 2000s, he's been on and off with different organizations like the Vermont Youth Orchestra, regional groups from Nashville, Baltimore, and others, performing all over the east coast, treating phans and fans alike to orchestral arrangements of "You Enjoy Myself," "Guyute," and more of our favorite Phish tunes. Now, he's at it again, making stops in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Los Angeles, and according to reports from night one with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, these shows are going to be spectacular. Featuring a "First Tube" opener, a "Stash" closer, and six amazing favorites ("Water in the Sky" and "Divided Sky," as an example) sandwiched in between, followed by a set with an audience proposal and the epic YEM, topped off by an encore for the ages, the next show on Tuesday should be something equally as special. (Too bad for the guy who was going to propose at the show and on Valentines Day.)

Umphrey's McGee is doing big things on their tour, and they've offered a free download of the show at Super Bowl Village from 2/4. It was a pretty hot show and definitely worth downloading for your collection. Also worth checking out is their funny little clip announcing the date for UMBowl which will be hitting Chicago April 27th. They'll be traveling across the country going up and down making several stops in the next few weeks, so if they're coming to a town near you, be sure to stay updates on UMs website for opening acts and after parties in your area.

The Grateful Dead world has been keeping fairly quiet lately, as the Phil and Friends run is right around the corner and Lesh has been working hard to open the new restaurant and venue Terrapin Crossroads. The game that came out a few months ago is now in its tour planning phase, having collected more than 30,000 votes from Deadheads about their favorite shows and venues. The creators are building the tour now and developing the different parts of each show that are going to ultimately be the whole game. It's going to exciting to see where this goes, so if you're not playing yet check it out here.

More news coming Friday and each subsequent Friday after that, I promise the weekly wrap up is back in full so if yo have an news that needs coverage just shoot us an email. See ya soon! ~ Carly Shields 


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